Regulations for Student Applicants and Students

Country-based regulations

Student applicants and students from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Switzerland and the USA, who do not require a visa to enter Germany, must apply for a residence permit after their arrival. Student applicants and Students from Andorra, Honduras and San Marino do not require a visa if no gainful employment is planned before or after their study period in Germany. They also apply for a residence permit after their arrival.
Due to legislation allowing the free movement of persons within the EU, student applicants and students from EU countries needn't apply for a residence permit. They only need to register at the municipal authority, where they must complete a notification of residence form for immigration authorities. A few days afterwards EU students can collect a document confirming their right to reside in Germany for purposes of studying at a higher education institution.

Application process for student applicants and students

Students must apply for their residence permits before their visas expire.
To apply for a residence permit students must present the following documents to immigration authorities:

  • Proof of financial support for the duration of the study period (€ 670 per month for cost of living expenses as demonstrated by proof of scholarship or notarized documentation of other financial resources such as a commitment)
  • Passport
  • Two passport photos (front view - biometric photo)
  • Rental agreement
  • Confirmation of registration with the local municipal authorities
  • Enrolment confirmation (student applicants: admission to foreign language course or foundation course)
  • Proof of health insurance
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