The purpose of these pages is to provide you with information on important legal questions. However, the authors make no claim to completeness. Although this information has been prepared with the greatest of care, we assume no liability for the correctness of the content provided. Here we provide you with information on what your rights and duties are if you are an international student and want to have a part-time job. Information is also provided on employment in Germany after you graduate or at the end of your study period.

Along with the Student Services Organization (Studentenwerk), THM has prepared an information brochure on working part-time while studying. This brochure contains both information on the regulations governing part-time jobs and what you can do to find a part-time job.

Work permits for students from non-EU countries

The DAAD also provides information on the legal aspects surrounding questions such how much students can work part-time. Should you have any further questions, just come and talk to us during our office hours (contacts: Rebecca Bahr and Shila Monasterios).

If you're looking for suitable employment after you finish your degree, the DAAD has prepared a working paper containing information on employment after graduation.