Benefits of the International Buddy Programme

Taking part in the IBP offers participants the opportunity to gain valuable experience and contributes to personal development. Here are a few examples of the benefits you will have from participating in the Buddy Programme:

  • Reflection about your own culture
  • Improvement of foreign language skills
  • Familiarization with other cultures
  • Establishment of new contacts and friendships
  • Mutual support
  • Development of social and intercultural competence skills
  • Cross-cultural experience right at your doorstep
  • Discussion of views, opinions and ideas and development of new perspectives
  • Benefits for those considering applying for a stay abroad
  • Advice in the preparation of your own semester abroad
  • Certificate for your voluntary participation, which can be helpful when applying for a job
  • Opportunity to participate in intercultural training

In addition you have the opportunity to take part in leisure activities free of charge. These activities include field trips, cultural and sports events and workshops.