Meeting up with your Buddy: Ideas and Suggestions

What do buddy teams do?

The buddy team is beneficial for both sides.
Newcomers receive an orientation to THM from an oldie, and in return, oldies gain intercultural and foreign language experience. This contact between buddies promotes intercultural understanding.

Ideas and suggestions for things buddy teams can do together:

  • go to the buddy team events
  • walk around the campus or town together
  • plan to eat lunch together in the cafeteria
  • meet up for coffee or tea
  • help each other out in improving foreign language skills
  • go to IBP programme events together
  • hang out together
  • discuss important experiences (like stays abroad, experience at university, daily life in Germany and around the world)
  • meet to play a sport together
  • check out the nightlife in Giessen or Friedberg
  • study in the library together
  • cook together or go out to eat in the evening

Going to the IBP programme events held during the semester is another opportunity for buddy teams to do something together. These events include regular get togethers as well as field trips and workshops.