International Career Centre – International Office THM

The International Career Centre offers international students at THM a comprehensive programme that aims to help them prepare for their career starts in Germany.

We begin with general information on looking for jobs and career starts in Germany (such as the general legal framework). This is followed by sessions on the application procedures used by German companies (written CVs submitted by post and online, job interviews). We will go on field trips so students can become acquainted with companies and employers in the region as well as their HR departments and the recruiting procedures used.

The International Career Centre also provides information on career fairs held in the region such as the "Karriere Weltweit" (Career Worldwide) to be held on 6 December 2017 in the Kongresshalle in Giessen, where we will also have a booth.

We hope you'll get to know us and visit our web page with a list of upcoming events. Plan now your next steps in preparing for your career start.

 Take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable experience about the German labour market so you can start your career successfully. We would like to support you in this endeavour.

Our events and support are in German. For more information, please go to the German version of our website.