Studying abroad

There are many different ways to organise a period of study abroad. A temporary stay abroad of 1-2 semesters in the second half of the degree programme is widespread. This makes sense because the basics have been completed at the home university, in some cases subjects from the major have already been attended and thus subject knowledge is available that facilitates studying at a foreign faculty. Such a phase abroad is possible in Bachelor's, Master's and also doctoral studies. If you are interested in a double degree, please contact your department for more information.

Get in touch with the relevant advice centres (departmental international representatives, the International Office's "How to Start" information event) at an early stage, usually 1.5-1 years before your semester abroad, and find out about application formalities, deadlines, financing and funding options as well as the university structure in your host country.

Here you will find all the important information on programmes, procedures, funding opportunities and other formalities for a semester abroad. We also advise you on the sometimes different semester periods abroad. This is particularly relevant for a stay in the summer semester.

How to start

Where and what to study?

  • Infoevent "How to Start"
  • Information centres (faculty, International Office)
  • Host university (structures, semester times)

How early should i apply?

  • 1.5-1 years before your semester abroad
  • Keep deadlines in mind

Which documents?

  • Application formalities
  • Financing and funding opportunities

Recognising achievements

  • Advice on course selection and recognition of achievements in the department