In addition to studying abroad and completing an internship abroad you can also write your final thesis at a foreign university or in conjunction with project work done at a foreign company.

ERASMUS placements support the final phase of a student's degree course at a company abroad (cf. internships abroad at the right in the menu).

For placements outside of Europe or in the case of an Erasmus placement, Promos financing is also possible (cf. internship abroad -> scholarships for students -> PROMOS at the right in the menu).

If you would like to complete a postgraduate degree abroad, you have the option to pursue an international master's degree, during which time you study at different universities in different countries, or a degree course that is completed at one university abroad.

Several THM departments cooperate with other European universities to provide shared postgraduate courses.

For more information talk to the study abroad coordinator in your department or contact the International Office.