Do you have a family and would like to dare the adventure of a stay abroad, but are afraid of the additional costs you would have? At the International Office we not only provide you with information on studying abroad or internships abroad, but also want to provide you with important advice on financial matters. On this page we would like to summarize the most important information.

ERASMUS+ Programme (especially for single parents)

Students can apply for this additional financial aid at the International Office if they spend a semester abroad as part of the ERASMUS+- Programme. The purpose of this grant is to cover the costs incurred from travelling with children (costs that would be incurred in Germany cannot be reimbursed).

Regardless of the country you go to, beneficiaries of this grant receive 200 euros per month in addition to the monthly Erasmus+ scholarship.

Complete the relevant application and turn it in at the International Office as soon as you receive confirmation that you will participate in the ERASMUS+ Programme.

Because this additional grant is a lump sum amount, no additional documents relating to additional costs must be submitted besides proof that you are taking a child or children with you abroad (e.g. travel documents, local supervision arrangements).

Applications are to be submitted to the International Office.

State Grants (BAföG)

Eligibility for state grants (BAFöG) abroad are reviewed irrespective of one's eligibility for state grants received at home. Where applicable such grants are even approved when there is no eligibility for the grants at home since the income limit is somewhat higher. According to section 14b of the State Grant Statute (BAföG) provisions, children supervision benefits are approved for which students with children are also eligible in the case of grants abroad. The law stipulates that a student having a child will receive 113 euros per month for the first child under the age of ten (and €85.00 for all other children). This aid is approved for only one parent for the same time period.

For a short overview of state grants paid abroad go to:

For more information on children supervision allowance go to:

Child Allowance 

Students with children continue to be eligible for child benefits as long as the stay abroad is part of the students' education and students return to Germany afterwards. For students themselves below the age of 25, parents are also eligible for child benefits for the period their children are abroad.   

The allowance received in Germany (depending on a person's income) to cover the costs of kindergarten are not paid to parents studying abroad. The German government assumes no costs for child care abroad.