In most cases, you must find the company to complete an internship at yourself. Here it is very important to be proactive. 

To find the right internship for you, you must first be aware of what your priorities are. Think about what field you want to work in and what language you want to complete the internship in. After you have decided these two things, think about when you want to have your internship. This is especially important if you want to apply for a monthly stipend.

Especially if you are considering an internship abroad you should begin with the application process well in advance. Some internships are offered only once a year, and applications for some scholarships must be submitted 9 to 12 months in advance. The DAAD Promos Programme is offered twice a year at THM. Ensure that you find out about relevant deadlines well in advance.

Financial aid for an ERASMUS internship is always available, as long as you apply four weeks before you want to begin the internship.

To find out about the course offerings in foreign languages at the TH-Mittelhessen go to the THM Language Centre website.

After deciding on a field you're interested in, the target language and the time when you want to have your internship, you can begin looking for an internship. Generally speaking companies prefer to hire interns for a period of six months, and the internship must not be less than three months. In most cases this timeframe corresponds to the requirements for scholarship approval (between 2 and 12 months for internships in Europe and six weeks to six months for internships abroad.

Looking for an internship abroad:

Use the internet when looking for a suitable internship. This has helped numerous students, such as those who found computer science internships at SAP Brisbane, EE related internships at Siemens Shanghai and ME related internships at BMW USA. When looking for an internship, the following steps have proven helpful:

1.) A series of guides entitled "Finding an Internship Abroad - Wege ins Auslandspraktikum" - (also available at the International Office) offer excellent information on how to go about finding an internship.

2.) Go to the websites of mid-size companies in our region (they like to hire THM students) and large companies involved in the field you wish to pursue. Here you can find out whether they have subsidiaries abroad, or reliable business associates or export partner who regularly hire German interns. If this is the case, contact the company to find out about their application procedures since this will vary from company to company.

3.) Another organization that may be helpful in your search for a suitable internship is the German Office of Foreign Trade, which has regional offices all over the world and can provide information on German companies and cooperation partners of German companies abroad (you may have to pay a fee for some lists). Go to for access to the regional offices so you can ask specifically about a particular company.

4.) Visit internship websites (such as  You can find a good selection of links to internship websites at the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) website: (cf. here "Information for Germans"/"Internships Abroad"). Here you can also find useful links to placement organizations and more information about internships abroad.

5.) Look in job search engines by entering the country you wish to work in, like "" or "".

6.) When looking for a suitable internship you should also take advantage of the information provided by the following contacts:

7.) For internships in those countries that Erasmus provides financial aid for you can also use the EU Community database.

8.) NEW: All internships on offer at European companies can be found at: Here you can define your own search profile.