Studying Abroad

Journeying to foreign soil

Many students would like to spend a semester or a year at a university abroad. There are numerous study abroad options to choose from. A limited period of one to two semesters abroad in the second half of the degree course is a very common option. This is a good idea since by this time, students have already completed the basics at their home institution, including some subjects they wish to specialize in. Having this specialized knowledge will make it easier for students to study at foreign institutions. There are study abroad options for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

It is also possible to complete an entire degree course abroad. Before being accepted to such a course, however, students should think about whether a degree from a foreign institution will be recognized back home when applying for a job.

Contact the relevant student advisory services early and find out what you need to know, such as application requirements, deadlines, financial support and aid options as well as how the guest institution is organized. Keep in mind that many foreign institutions grant admission only once a year, usually at the beginning of an academic year (from the end of August to the beginning of October).