Working abroad

Students who would like to work abroad during the semester breaks or graduates interested in the job opportunities abroad can contact the International Placement Services (Zentralstelle für Arbeitsvermittlung - ZAV) in Bonn. The ZAV publishes a programme guide every year in the autumn for the entire following year. The publication is available at local employment agency information centres (Berufsinformationszentren - BIZ). A copy of ZAV's brochure "Jobben im Ausland" (Working Abroad) is available at the International Office.

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Additional information sources include Travelworks and College Council, which offer programmes for internships, volunteer work and exchange opportunities abroad in places such as the USA, Canada, South America, Australia, India and Scandinavia.

Most of the jobs available won't allow students to "make a mint". In many countries the pay does not correspond to what students could earn in Germany. In many cases students must pay for their travel expenses themselves. Don't forget this when making your plans.

Living abroad

During your study abroad period the guest institution will typically assist you in looking for a room. The universities participating in the SOKRATES and ERASMUS programmes help visiting students find an accommodation (in a hall of residence or a private flat) most of the time. The Housing Office at universities in the USA and Canada provide assistance to visiting students looking for a place to live.

If you intend to complete an internship abroad, contact the company you'll be working at. They are sure to provide you with their support. You can expect your costs for rent to be just as high, or possibly even higher, than the rent you pay in Germany. Here too the rule applies: Make sure you start looking for an accommodation well in advance.

Finally, we have a request of our own: Every year THM accommodates a large number of exchange students who need a place to live in Giessen or Friedberg. Since it is very difficult to find a flat close to our campuses, we would really appreciate it if you could make your flat or apartment available for the time you spend abroad. Should the situation arise, it is also possible for students to swap flats.