Prizes and Awards

International students are also high achievers at German universities, distinguished by their special commitment.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) as well as private donors recognize these achievements and honor you with prizes and awards.


The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides German universities with funds for the award and makes the selection of the award winners the responsibility of the universities. For the THM, the DAAD Prize is the most important honor awarded to foreign students. For the award recipients, this prize means recognition of their academic achievements by one of the most renowned scholarship organizations in the Federal Republic of Germany.

he DAAD prize, which is endowed with €1,000 per university and has been awarded for more than ten years, is intended to help put faces to the large number of foreign students at German universities and connect them with stories. The students who have received such an award through their respective university stand for their fellow students from all over the world. They are future partners for Germany in business, politics and science.

Having been a DAAD award winner can make it easier to start a career. As a member of the DAAD ALUMNI community, you have access to a network that can be used for various purposes.

This award honors students with special academic achievements and remarkable social - especially intercultural - commitment. The DAAD Prize is not a research award.

Who can apply or be nominated?
Persons with:

  • Foreign nationality
  • Foreign university entrance qualifications
  • Special academic achievement
  • Noteworthy voluntary social involvement or commitment (as in associations, cultural organisations, in the social sector, at a university of applied sciences, etc.)

Third-year students or students at an advanced stage of their bachelor's degree (at least in their second year) or completing their master’s degree (at least 2nd semester), and recent graduates (must still be resident in Germany with exams taken no longer than 3 months prior) can apply.

What documents must be submitted?

  • Detailed covering letter providing information about social commitment and progress in the degree course
  • Curriculum vitae (with a photograph)
  • Current academic transcript
  • Positive letter of recommendation from a university lecturer
  • Proof of social commitment (e.g. certificates or recommendation letters)

Application deadline: July, 31st 2021 - extended to August, 15th 2021



The prize donor, Dr. Reza Mehran, was a professor of electrical engineering at the Friedberg campus of the THM for many years. He explains his initiative to promote young scientists with his own experiences during his studies in Aachen. At that time, he said, he had received an award that honored very good technical achievements by foreign students. The recognition that he successfully studied in a foreign country under difficult conditions was a strong motivation for his further academic education. - see also press article

The Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen awards the annual Reza Mehran prize to foreign students with outstanding academic achievement and additional social commitment.

The Reza Mehran prize is awarded to students who:
- are pursuing a complete engineering or science degree course (not open to visiting students)
- are not German citizens
- have foreign university entrance qualification (no German "Abitur" diploma)
- are in the middle of their course (undergraduate: second year 3-4, postgraduate: second or third year)

Selection criteria are:

  • Degree duration
  • Academic evaluation (overview of academic performance)
  • Additional commitments desirable

To apply submit the following documents to the International Office:

  • Comprehensive application letter with details about your degree, additional commitments
  • curriculum vitae
  • current academic transcript
  • positive letter of recommendation from a university lecturer
  • proof of additional commitments if necessary (e.g. certificates or letter of recommendation)

Application deadline: July, 31st 2021 - extended to August, 15th 2021