Internships abroad

Deepen your application-oriented studies on the international stage with an internship at a foreign company or university/research institute.

With an internship abroad, you will get to know local life even more authentically and gain valuable experience working in multicultural teams and improve your negotiating skills with international partners.

We recommend stay times from at least 10, better 12 weeks, in order to be able to structure the practical phase in a meaningful way for the company. Consult your practice representative in the department.

How can I do an internship abroad?

Planning an internship abroad involves good planning and initiative. It is therefore important to start organizing at an early stage. Also make sure that you receive reasonable remuneration (e.g. minimum wage) as you will probably work in the commercial sector. However, remuneration is unusual for internships in non-profit companies. When planning an internship abroad, you should inform yourself about the following topics:

  • job search
  • internship financing
  • insurances
  • recognition of the study
  • Visa and, if necessary, work permit
  • accomodation
  • Foreign language requirements (internship language)

You can also get a further overview in the brochure "Internship abroad. That's how it's done " of the DAAD.

Discuss those formal and content requirements with the Practice/Internship Officer your department.

With or without a job offer, you can contact the International Office financial support, how Erasmus +, PROMOS or HAW.International apply. The programme-specific deadlines and application regulations apply.

Please note our information on the Preparations for an internship abroad

Our tip for the summer semester break:
They are also particularly suitable for the summer semester break RISE Worldwide-Internships of 10-12 weeks. RISE stands for Research Internships in Science and Engineering and is aimed specifically at bachelor students.