ERASMUS+ internship

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Erasmus code: D GIESSEN02 PIC: 972166496 ID: E10164878 SCHAC:

ECHE: ECHE 2021-27 EPSEPS 2021-27 | student charter


You can also complete every practical phase of your studies abroad, ie both the basic internship, voluntary internship and the practical phase at the end of your studies or your thesis project. Depending on the course, these phases last 8-24 weeks. The longer you can be available to the company, the easier it will probably be for you to find an internship.

Talk to them BEFORE you apply Internship Officer for advice on the choice of courses that can be credited before you go abroad. We strongly recomend that you agree on couses with a concerning. Time, professional suitability and recognition as well as Requirements in the compulsory internship.

Application requirements, processes and documents for students, graduates and doctoral candidates can be found at