Financing your studies

What exactly does studying in Germany cost?

The THM is located in Hesse, one of the federal states in which there are no tuition fees for most Degree Courses . However, you have to pay a semester fee every semester.

Please note that you have to reckon with the following costs.

Possible costs per month:

  • Monthly rent in the student residence (from 2 months): €353.00
  • Health insurance approx. €110.00
  • Food approx. €170.00
  • Work materials (books, computer)
  • Phone
  • Sports, culture, leisure activities

Overall you need since 08/01/2022 you need at least 934.00€ per month.. You usually have to prove this amount for the extension of your residence permit.

There are various ways to finance your studies: part-time jobs, scholarships, financial support and more.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) also provides an overview of the on its website the cost of living in Germany on their website to save money when shopping.

The video by the Deutsches Studentenwerk gives you a good overview of the requirements and options that you as an international student have to finance your studies.



How many hours can I work as an international student? How do I find a student job?

Together with the Studentenwerk Gießen , we have created an information brochure for you with the most important information on the subject of "jobs alongside your studies". There you will find legal information as well as tips for looking for a part-time job in the region. The document can be found in the red "Downloads" box on the right.

You can also find tips and information on the website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Working while studying.

How do I apply for a part-time job? Use our advice to prepare your application documents and design your search. See section for more information career entry.


Scholarships are also a good way to finance your studies.

If you have a good grade point average and are involved in a club, an organization or other projects alongside your studies, it can be worth applying for a scholarship. The International Office has one pdfoverview list created with foundations that support international students.

Various public and private sponsors (e.g. political and religious foundations) offer scholarships for international students. The requirements are different. As a rule, good academic performance and social/political/religious commitment are expected. It is worth researching the various scholarship offers to find the right scholarship.

An information sheet with a list of institutions that award scholarships to international students can be found in the red "Downloads" box.

If you are still in your home country, you can also use the DAAD scholarship database search for scholarships.

We have some for you Tips for your application for a scholarship in this Video compiled. In the red box "Downloads" you will also find practical tips for your application for a scholarship.

Prizes and awards recognize high-performing and committed international students. More under Prizes and Awards.


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