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With your donation, you support particularly talented and dedicated students at the THM and give them the freedom to study quickly and with concentration. The scholarship is recognition and incentive at the same time.

Good reasons to donate a Deutschlandstipendium:

  • You can select one department or course support financially.
  • You get early contact with "clever minds" in the region.
  • You can get to know your scholarship holders and make them additional offers such as internships, Professional Development or theses.
  • You inspire potential specialists for your company.
  • We name your company on websites and in the THM media.
  • We will send you a donation receipt.

Companies, private sponsors, foundations, associations...

We offer our supporters various donation options:

  • annual grants
    With a donation of 1,800 €/year you finance a scholarship and can work in the Funding Agreement Among other things, determine the selected department or course of study.
  • Individual donations - every donation is welcome!
    The THM has set up an account for this purpose, on which donations of any amount can be collected. As soon as €1,800 is reached, a scholarship is advertised for which students from all departments can apply.

service and advice

We are happy to support interested sponsors with advice and action. We provide information on the procedure for the Deutschlandstipendium at the THM and advise you individually. We would also be happy to come to you.
Please contact us.