Video conferencing and messengers

Video conferences have become an integral part of THM university communication. For this reason, the THM will continue to offer the possibility of using central video conferences in the coming years. In view of the different fields of application (teaching, research, administration), we provide the following conference systems:


BBB video conference (BigBlueButton)

Screenshot of the BBB video conferencing systemFor a college-wide BBB instance, see

Extensive documentation on use and application is available at

We use this BBB instance on the basis of the framework agreement with the DFN. The provision is made by the company You can use the BBB video conferences for administration, research and teaching in compliance with data protection regulations. The version provided includes proven features such as presentation upload, polls/surveys, break-out rooms, drawing functions, waiting rooms and video conference recording on demand.

The BBB video conference is available for use by professors and staff. The students do not receive their own BBB license, but get a free ZoomX license again. Existing video conferencing systems such as PILOS can continue to be used.


Logo of Telekom's VK System ZoomXFrom April 1st, 2023 to March 31st, 2024, the THM has the video conference system for teaching Telecom's ZoomX Acquired university-wide as the successor to Zoom. ZoomX is operated by Telekom and has enhanced security features and higher data protection than the previous zoom system.

However, full use for research, teaching and administration is only possible as soon as the announced adequacy decision for secure data traffic with the USA is in force ( Up to this point, ZoomX is only intended for use in teaching.

In connection with video conferencing systems, there are always discussions concerning data protection. The Hessian universities and the Hessian Commissioner for Data Protection and Information Security (HBDI) have therefore jointly developed a concept ('Hessian Concept') specifically for the use of Zoom in courses in 2021/22.

Requirements for the data protection-compliant use of zoom for courses at Hessian universities


THM Connect Messenger

Screenshot of the THM Connect Messenger SystemThe THM provides an Element/Matrix-based messenger service on its own servers. You can reach the service at the address:

Similar to MS teams, you have the option of making chats/video calls/calls and organizing them in rooms and spaces both publicly and privately (e.g. for your team). You are required to use Messenger THM account.

Detailed instructions for using THM Connect and other client programmes for desktop and mobile phones can be found at:


Additional information

Anyone who wants to deal with data protection in video conference systems in more detail can read more about this on the homepage of the State of Hesse. The Hessian Commissioner for Data Protection and Information Security (HBDI) has listed a number of points on its website to help with system selection and use:

Selection of a VKS:

Use of VKS: use level