Control, Computer and Communications Engineering

  • StudienmodellMaster's
  • StudienbeginnAutumn semester
  • RegelstudienzeitOne and a half years
  • ZulassungsmodusSpecial requirements
  • StudienortFriedberg
  • Kosten/BesonderheitenSemester fee

The course in Control, Computer and Communications Engineering provides students with sound theoretical and application oriented knowledge of control engineering, computer engineering and communications engineering. Our unique profile combines synergies in the areas of electrical engineering, computer engineering and communications engineering with a special focus on the development of safety critical network, integrated, electrical and electronics systems. The postgraduate degree, which focuses both on each subfield and on their integration in complex systems, prepares students for engineering professions and qualifies them to begin a Ph.D. programme. Because of the course's international character and the fact that English is the language of instruction, graduates receive the best preparation for careers at multinational companies.

In the course students acquire sound knowledge in depth and breadth of the concepts, methods and techniques required for the development of innovative products and services in an interdisciplinary context. Students have the opportunity to participate in current research and development projects, allowing them to focus on their preferred specializations.

About the Course