Mathematics for Finance, Insurance and Management

  • StudienmodellMaster's
  • StudienbeginnAutumn and spring semesters
  • RegelstudienzeitTwo years
  • ZulassungsmodusSpecial requirements
  • StudienortFriedberg
  • Kosten/BesonderheitenSemester fee

The two-year postgraduate course in business mathematics focuses on the mathematical foundations, new methods and the latest procedures relevant for the three specializations finance, insurance and management. This includes the following:

  • the design, evaluation and risk assessment of financial, asset and insurance products (following the financial crisis)
  • risk and quality management (especially in the context of quantitative requirements as per among others IFRS, Basel III, Solvency II and UCITS/AIFM)
  • the planning, steering, simulation and optimization of business processes incorporating large amounts of data (big data) using information obtained through mathematical and statistical methds
  • academic and scholarly writing in research and development departments (in some cases as part of prepartion for a doctorate degree)

About the Course