Management in Medicine (coop programme option)

  • StudienmodellBachelor's
  • StudienbeginnAutumn semester
  • RegelstudienzeitThree and a half years
  • ZulassungsmodusSpecial requirements
  • StudienortWetzlar
  • Kosten/BesonderheitenSemester fee

Over the past few years the health care sector has been constantly changing. Changes to the general conditions relevant for hospitals and health facilities, especially in terms of patient care and efficiency factors, have created a demand for experts who can achieve sustainable high quality.

Organizational managers in medicine combine a high level of knowledge of medicine, business administration and management. Like no other occupational group they are able to model and control processes in many different hospital departments as well as in cooperation with referring personnel. For the treatment of patients in line with the guidelines in place and the optimum utilization of the available resources, all occupational groups must work together. In this context, organizational managers work at the interface of medicine, logistics and technology.

Students pursuing the course in Management in Medicine acquire specialized knowledge to work at the interface of medical, organizational and business issues.

About the Course