Systems Engineering (coop programme option)

  • StudienmodellMaster's
  • StudienbeginnSpring semester
  • RegelstudienzeitOne and a half years
  • ZulassungsmodusSpecial requirements
  • StudienortWetzlar
  • Kosten/BesonderheitenSemester fee

Note: The next course will begin in the 2021 spring semester.

The addition of another semester to the undergraduate courses offered in StudiumPlus from the 2017-18 autumn semester (from six to seven semesters), will also affect changes to the coop programme's postgraduate courses. The Hessian Higher Education Act requires that, taken together, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes shall comprise no more than five years (ten semesters). For this reason, from the 2021-22 autumn semester, the duration of study for the postgraduate courses will be reduced by one semester (from four to three semesters). The next course will begin in the 2021 spring semester. Relevant transitional provisions will be made to ensure a seamless transition for both graduates of the three-year undergraduate courses (180 credit points) and graduates of courses lasting three and a half years (210 credit points) who want to begin the relevant postgraduate course.

In the postgraduate course in Systems Engineering students earn a purely engineering degree. Graduates of undergraduate engineering courses can further develop their skills in the field of engineering. The aim of this postgraduate course is to expand and deepen students' qualifications and engineering knowledge to include the research and development of complex technical systems. For this purpose the course includes theoretical knowledge as well as the knowledge of methods and systems in order to enable graduates to be responsible for, carry out and manage projects involving application oriented research and development. StudiumPlus offers the postgraduate course in Systems Engineering with the following specializations: mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

The regular course completion time of two academic years (or four semesters) is divided into one and a half years of theoretical modules and the final semester devoted to the master's thesis. The course modules are structured in block modules, which means that lectures at THM lasting the entire day are held two or three times every other week (a total of six days per month). Students alternate between learning venues at the university and the work placement, where they work on projects as part of the course.

About the Course