Vacuum Engineering

  • StudienmodellMaster's
  • StudienbeginnAutumn and spring semesters
  • RegelstudienzeitTwo years
  • ZulassungsmodusSpecial requirements
  • StudienortGiessen
  • Kosten/BesonderheitenSemester fee

Are you interested in smart technologies, fast cars and smart fashion? But you associate the word 'vacuum' mainly with the kind of packaging used for the coffee you buy at the supermarket?

Although it is true that end users rarely encounter vacuums in their daily lives, hardly anything is possible today without that "nothingness". Highly effective prescription medicines are produced under vacuum, memory chips like those installed in smart phones, tablets or navigation devices are manufactured below atmospheric pressure, very thin layers are applied to auto parts and tanks and airbag cartridges are tested for leaks using vacuum technology, to name just a few examples.

As a future expert and manager you can discuss innovative methods, processes and components in a wider context with other specialists, evaluate legal consequences and optimize processes.

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