Lecture series “Responsibility Future”

Lecture seriesSS24The lecture series “Responsibility for the Future” will take place in the summer semester of 2024 with three additional events.

Climate change, consumption of raw materials, digitization, mobility, the world of work, health, demographic change, urban development - these are just a few examples of problem areas that will occupy our society intensively in the future.

As a publicly funded university of applied sciences, the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen has a social responsibility. In the lecture series, we therefore want to show that although we cannot save the world, we can make very specific contributions in practical teaching and research when it comes to solving specific problems. With the claim "shaping the future together", we are always cooperation partners of companies, associations, municipalities and schools in the region.

We invite the members of the university to the lecture series. Of course, all other interested parties are also welcome: representatives from companies and associations, from politics, administration and schools, as well as those who have a personal interest in the subject.

The lecture series will all be broadcast live. In the Playlist are all transmissions to find.

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