A new course at the Technical University of Central Hesse is starting. In research and development, THM teams create innovations for industrial practice. The university is expanding its international cooperation network, thereby opening up additional opportunities for students to study abroad. A graduate's thesis receives a prize. A new professor has started work. The THM invites you to public lectures. Here you will find news from teaching, research and university life as a whole.


The students at GTS Offenbach try their hand at welding. Photo: THM

Is a degree right for me and if so, which one? Many young people ask themselves this question shortly before they graduate from school. The Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen ( THM ) wants to help young people to get a better insight into some of their departments. For this reason, she organized a project day for four graduating classes from the Offenbach Technical School in March on the Friedberg campus. During the day, the 38 students, divided into groups, were able to get to know the departments of industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, materials technology and information technology, electrical engineering and mechatronics. Dean of Studies Prof. Dr. Martin Graefe wished to start: "A very informative and exciting day."

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The large selection of Degree Courses and their respective application formalities can seem overwhelming. That is why the Central students advisory service has been supporting young people in all decisions relating to their studies for 50 years. In the service facilities of the Justus Liebig University Gießen (JLU) and the Technical University of Central Hesse ( THM ), information on the entire range of courses is available online and in print form and questions about the course and starting a course are answered. The employees are concerned with finding individually suitable solutions. The way to get there is confidential, independent and free of charge. Information and advice can be obtained via a wide variety of channels - from e-mail to face-to-face advice.

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Falco Klaus (right) from the etem team explained the technical details of the hybrid storage system to Minister Tarek Al-Wazir (centre foreground) and those responsible from the city, public utilities and THM .

The new Gießen district, the "Philosophenhöhe", will have an innovative energy management system. A team from the Technical University of Central Hesse is working on this in cooperation with the city and public utility company Gießen . prof Dr. Stefan Lechner from the Center for Energy Technology and Energy Management (etem.THM) heads the "FlexQuartier" project, which the federal government is funding with 4.6 million euros.

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Energy flat rate THMOn December 21, 2022, the law on the payment of a one-off energy price flat rate for students (student energy price flat rate law - EPPSG) came into force.

The aim of this law is to send all beneficiaries a one-off payment of €200 to relieve them of the increased energy costs.

To apply for the one-off payment, you need access data, which we will provide you with via your THM account on the E-Campus.


From March 15, 2023, we will contact you by e-mail by department (sending only to the THM -mail address) and ask you to retrieve the access data in groups. This process is necessary to ensure smooth access to the E-Campus and all associated services.

on March 15, 2023 MND, EI, BAU
on March 17, 2023 IEM, LSE, Economics
on March 20, 2023 MNI, MuK
on March 22, 2023 GES, ME, M
on March 24, 2023 WI, ZDH

You then submit the application for the one-off payment after receiving the access data in a central portal of the federal government. You can find more information about this here here.

Please also find out about the Notes on data protection in the state of Hesse.


Speaker Tamara Ferreira Schmidt and speaker Fabian Bichlmeier are pleased about the great interest in the topic "Digital Euro". Photo: THM

Cryptocurrencies are no longer a novelty and are becoming increasingly common. However, they pose some risks as they can be misused. For this reason, central banks around the world are working on options for digitally supplementing their currencies. At the Technical University of Central Hesse ( THM ), the lecture "Digital Euro - Opportunities and Risks" on this topic took place in March for company representatives as part of the Jean Monnet Chair "European Economic Policy in a Changing World" funded by the EU Commission .

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The cooperation team headed by Prof. Dr. Monika Maria Möhring and Jörg-Uwe Braun (both in front). To the left is the Dean of the Department of MuK at the THM , Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hein. Markus Jones (r.), Commercial Director at UKF, introduced the event. Photo: THM

"Knowledge becomes health" - with this goal, the Logistics Management course at the Technical University of Central Hesse ( THM ) in Friedberg has been cooperating with the Logistics Department of the University Hospital Frankfurt (UKF) since 2015. Prospective logistics managers should learn under special conditions what it means when logistics are subject to the tightest of framework conditions. At the same time, the cooperation serves to ensure the supply of the university hospital in a future-oriented manner and to improve it with the help of pioneering projects.

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Digitization has become an integral part of everyday life, and it is also playing an increasingly important role in production. For this reason, the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen ( THM ) and Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH (HTAI) invite you to the third event in the "DIGI-Impulse - On to digital change" series on Tuesday, March 21, 2023 from 11:30 a.m Gießen in

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Kaylie Marie Egenolf from Butzbach wanted to find out in her experiment whether cats are left or right pawed - her cat obviously prefers the left paw.

"Make ideas big!" - Under this motto, the Justus Liebig University Gießen (JLU) and the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen ( THM ) organized the "Jugend forscht" regional competition for the third time in February. The host of the face-to-face event this year was Prof. Dr. Kai-Thomas Brinkmann from the II. Institute of Physics at JLU.

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THM Vice President Prof. Dr. Katja Specht (from left) honors the athletes Kilian Schreiner and Jonathan Metz with Dagmar Hofmann and Maili Winoto from university sport .

The Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen ( THM ) thanked three athletes who carried the name of the university to the podium last year with a small, sporting gift: Kilian Schreiner, Jerome Helzel and Jonathan Metz achieved top positions in their sports.

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