A new course at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen is starting. In research and development, THM teams create innovations for industrial practice. The university is expanding its international cooperation network, thereby opening up additional opportunities for students to study abroad. A graduate's thesis receives a prize. A new professor has started work. The THM invites you to public lectures. Here you will find news from teaching, research and university life as a whole.


The “transfer evening” offered workshop flair and direct personal communication, where interested parties from companies met with research participants at the THM .The Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen organized an exchange meeting together with Hessenmetall Mittelhessen, where interested industry representatives were able to find out about the practical application of ongoing research projects.

The participants were welcomed by THM President Prof. Dr. Matthias Willems, who emphasized the importance of THM as an “application-oriented university”. Wolfram Kuhn, deputy chairman of Hessenmetall Mittelhessen, referred to the challenges posed by transformation processes such as digitalization and decarbonization and called for “courage to drive forward innovations with enthusiasm.”

With two short keynote speeches, the THM presented research results that already offer interesting application options: Prof. Dr. Stefan Kolling presented data that showed the behavior of batteries in the event of damage - including the risk of fire. Prof. Dr. Chris Volkmar explained “electric propulsion”, the use of which in space travel “can save a lot of costs” and is also suitable for material processing in industry.

The main part of the exchange was “speed dating”, where interested parties could find out directly from the researchers about their projects and their possible applications. The concept was designed by Dr. Christina Zinecker, head of the THM Research and Young Academics department, in order to “bring regional companies together with research”. A conscious decision was made against overly formal contact and in favor of direct personal contact. The format met with “great interest from our researchers”. Shortly after the internal call for participation, she received the first registrations, explained Dr. Zinecker.

The choice of meeting point also had conceptual reasons: instead of a usual lecture hall, the university's materials and components research center on the Gießen C campus was the meeting place. Presses, components and even a crane characterize the interior of the building, which will be opened in 2021, and illustrate how close academic research and practical application are to the THM . For the Department of Civil Engineering, Prof. Dr. Jens Minnert welcomed the guests and pointed out that the practice-oriented equipment of this center also greatly benefits academic teaching.

Sebastian Höhn, consultant for securing skilled workers and vocational training at Hessenmetall Mittelhessen, described networking between universities and companies as the purpose of the event. According to him, a total of eleven regional and national companies took part in the exchange. After the “speed dating”, the participants had the opportunity to continue conversations that had begun in a relaxed atmosphere.

Radiation therapy expert Prof. Dr. Ulrich Weber teaches medical physics at THM Photo: THM

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Weber has started work at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen . He teaches medical physics at the Life Science Engineering department in Gießen .

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The Danish artist Benedikte Bjerre has placed a chestnut man in front of the THM door on the C-Campus.

Statues of powerful men and their horses have dominated public European squares for centuries. Around 2,000 years ago, a proud bronze military leader dominated a Roman camp in Waldgirmes - a replica can be seen there today. An original was Gießen a few days ago: On the THM C-Campus, which has been modernized and rebuilt in recent years, between Moltkestrasse, Eichgärten- and Ringallee, an almost three-meter-high sculpture rides towards Schwanenteich.

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Caption: Prof Dr. On behalf of the GW support group, Klaus Behler presents the “Friedberger Geist” honor to Heinrich Stachowiak (left) and Gerold Reitz (middle) Photo: THM

At this year's traditional Barbara Conference, which was organized together with the Foundry and Materials Technology Support Group (GW), around 50 interested parties from the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen ( THM ) and from industry came together. These included many former students of the Degree Courses in foundry and materials technology as well as physical technology.

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How do you start a promising professional career? How does successful professional networking work? How does a salary negotiation work and what is the hidden labor market? What does the job landscape look like in Central Hesse, and what international career opportunities do the Federal Foreign Office or the European Union offer, for example? The “Careers Worldwide” trade fair offers answers to these and other questions.

After being held digitally in 2021 due to Corona, the international career fair of the Justus Liebig University Gießen (JLU) and the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen ( THM ) will now take place on Wednesday, December 6, 2023, in the Congress Hall Gießen . It will be held at 10:15 a.m. by the two vice presidents for studies and teaching, Prof. Dr. Katharina Lorenz (JLU) and Prof. Dr. Katja Specht ( THM ), officially opened.

At this career day, students and graduates can come into contact with companies from the region but also with international employers. By offering a joint trade fair for career starters, the two universities support their students and graduates in the transition from studies to practice and at the same time respond to social challenges such as the shortage of skilled workers.

Around 40 employers will be on site and will present a wide range of different career opportunities. They have interesting offers in their luggage, including numerous trainee positions and internship opportunities. Job prospects arise, for example, at the Foreign Office, at the European Union or at “Doctors Without Borders”. The Central Hesse regional management provides information about regional job prospects in Central Hesse in the lecture “New York, Rio, Dillenburg – Find the best jobs on your doorstep”. You should also not Gießen a free check of your application documents by the university team at the Giessen Employment Agency. As part of the trade fair, there is also the opportunity to have free application photos taken by a professional photographer.  

The JLU Career Services department has also organized a diverse programme of lectures: Students will receive important tips on a possible stay abroad in the lecture “From Gießen to the wide world. Stay abroad during and after your studies” by Meike Röhl from the JLU International Office. Students of the humanities, cultural and social sciences receive important up-to-date information and tips on starting a career from the “Wissenschaftsladen Bonn eV” and the employment agency. The work area “Work and Organizational Psychology” in Department 06 at JLU is involved in two lectures on assessment centers and headhunters. Other topics include: “Get That Job! Applying and Interviewing for Jobs in English”, “Networking, hidden labor market and unsolicited applications”, “Successful start-ups: tips for starting your own company” and “5 steps to your dream job”.

In the lecture “Out of the Box: Engineers as Global Designers,” students of THM ’s various engineering Degree Courses receive inspiration about what an international career looks like and how they can successfully start their careers through internships abroad.

All interested parties are warmly invited. Admission to the “Careers Worldwide” trade fair is free; registration is not required. However, there is the option to book appointments with potential employers in advance online. Registration in advance via the website is only required for the lecture programme requested.



“Careers worldwide”: Wednesday, December 6, 2023, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m

Venue: Congress Hall Gießen , Südanlage 3 (Berliner Platz), 35390 Gießen


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The THM Green Office invites you to a lecture in the Karstadt Bistro. Clothing is an expression of individuality, but at the same time the fashion industry also creates global challenges. There will be a keynote speech on this topic at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen ( THM ) by Prof. Dr. Julian Conrads from the Economics Department. He examines the textile value chain from an ecological and social perspective.

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Timo Kniebühler (from left), Jamal Manssor and Josias Knöppler have been awarded the first-ever “Karl-Heinz Lust Innovation Prize” for the quality and transferability of their theses at the THM . Photo: THM

Three works that were awarded the first-ever “Karl-Heinz Lust Innovation Prize” from the “Foundation for Research, Innovation and Transfer” at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen ( THM ) deal with the transferability of modern technologies into social and entrepreneurial activities. Jamal Manssor, Timo Kniebühler and Josias Knöppler will each receive 1,000 euros for their “very good” theses.

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The presentation, in which (from left) Hanni Geist (DAAD San ​​Francisco), Justin Harford (US State Department), Zeki Öztürk, Monika Maria Möhring ( THM ) and Katherine Haan (Chicago State University) cooperated, was met with great interest.

A semester abroad or an internship in a foreign country is one of the most sought-after components of academic training. In the case of severely disabled or chronically ill students, such phases must be planned and accompanied with particular care. Often the lectures announced in English are only offered in Spanish, or the “barrier-free” space in the dormitory can only be reached via stairs. It is therefore important to ensure the success of living and learning abroad through proven partners.

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Sound farewell: Prof. Dr. Marius Klytta leaves the CUCEE network, which he co-founded, with an electric guitar that his colleagues made as a gift.

The Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen ( THM ) has maintained a close partnership with universities from the Baltics, Eastern and Central Europe for more than 25 years in the so-called CUCEE network. At the annual meeting in Gießen , not only was there discussion about deepening the cooperation, but also co-initiator Prof. Dr. Marius Klytta said farewell to the active ranks.

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