A new course at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen is starting. In research and development, THM teams create innovations for industrial practice. The university is expanding its international cooperation network, thereby opening up additional opportunities for students to study abroad. A graduate's thesis receives a prize. A new professor has started work. The THM invites you to public lectures. Here you will find news from teaching, research and university life as a whole.


The THM and the WvO look forward to their time as cooperation partners with confidence. (Photo: THM )

Young talent is the future of universities. Therefore, students should be given the best possible support when choosing a course of study to give them a good start. The Department of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Computer Science (MNI) at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen ( THM ) and the Wilhelm-von-Oranien-Schule (WvO) are entering into a cooperation.

Prof. Dr. Katja Specht, THM Vice President for Studies and Teaching, and the deputy headmaster Andrea Stuhler were on site for the signing. “A cooperation agreement is very important. Creating connections is so important. “We want to expand on our goals and convey them to the world,” said Specht. Stuhler explained: “I have been looking after the A-levels students for a long time, which is another reason why this is so important to me.”

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Screenshot from the video blog “Digitization in the HR department”

Well positioned, Ingmar Böffel took over the management of the human resources department two years ago. And yet there are some organizational changes. In a conversation with President Prof. Dr. Matthias Willems.

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Graduate Julia Frank (l.) explains her plans for a new Lindbach school to Astrid Eibelshäuser (m.) and the head of the Gießen building construction department Jutta Müller (r.).

The Old Castle in Gießen , built in the 14th century, offers an impressive backdrop. It is all the more fitting that master's students in the architecture course at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen ( THM ) organized an exhibition in the Netanya Hall with the title “The School of the Future – Simply Many More!” In it they showed their designs for the new building of the Lindbach School in Lützelinden. The exhibition will be on display in the Upper Hessian Museum until March 3rd.

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Graphic: Jugend forscht/ THMA thirst for knowledge and a willingness to experiment are innate in humans. The goal of “Jugend forscht” and “Students Experiment” is to promote both of these things beyond just studying. The nationwide competitions are entering their 59th round - in the region the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen ( THM ) and the Justus Liebig University Gießen (JLU) are joint organizers. 33 teams will present their experiments to the public on February 23rd.

The “Youth Research Foundation” has given this year’s competition the motto “Make a head of it!” Almost 10,500 students nationwide compete in 123 regional competitions in seven subject areas. In Central Hesse there are 14 projects under “Students Experiment” and 19 under “Jugend forscht”. As in previous years, the competition director is teacher Matthias Burk from the Clemens Brentano European School in Lollar.

“In this competition, young people tackle tricky everyday problems with fun and creative thinking,” praises Prof. Dr. Jochen Frey the unconventional aspect of “Jugend forscht”. This creates motivation for future studies. The Vice President for Research, Transfer and Young Scientists at THM is hosting this year's decision: On February 23rd from 9:30 a.m. the teams will present to a jury. From 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. they will show their research results at a trade fair in the auditorium of the Economics Department on the C-Campus on Gießen 's Eichgartenallee. “I’m excited about the many ideas,” says Frey happily and invites the public to the exhibition. “'Jugend forscht' offers students the opportunity to creatively deal with questions they have raised and thus introduces them to sustainable research at an early stage,” adds Prof. Dr. Kai-Thomas Brinkmann, co-host from the II Physics Institute at JLU.

Many experiments deal with the careful use of resources or their recycling, with renewable energies or sustainable nutrition. But the young people also prepare medical and cosmetic or classic physical, chemical and mathematical experiments at 15 participating schools and an extracurricular educational institution. Which experiment will convince the jury the most will be revealed at the award ceremony, which will also be public, from 4:30 p.m. in the former Roxy cinema. This part of the event will be streamed live on the THM YouTube channel, which is also available via can be achieved.

The best teams represent Central Hesse at the state finals. The “Students Experiment” event will take place on March 15th and 16th in Kassel. “Jugend forscht” is organizing the state finals on March 20th and 21st in Darmstadt, and the winning teams will then go to the national finals from May 30th to June 2nd at the “experimenta” science center in Heilbronn.

THM President Prof Dr. Matthias Willems (l.) and Chancellor Prof. Olaf Berger (r.) congratulate the university's jubilarians.

More than 205 years in public administration, most of them for the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen ( THM ), bring together seven anniversaries, who were honored by President Prof. Dr. Matthias Willems were honored for their loyalty. The celebration took place on a small scale with a drink to toast and anecdotes from everyday work.

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Prof. Dr. Julian Conrads (middle) from THM was “hired” by the Weidigschule for a taster lecture in the Butzbach cinema. Photo: THM

Lecture in the cinema: This is common practice at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen ( THM ) in Gießen . It was a first in the Butzbach Capitol. The Weidigschule has the economics professor Dr. Julian Conrads as part of the “Rent a Prof” programme rented and discussed sustainability and associated management tasks with him in the big cinema.

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THM supports society's commitment to democracy

THM supports society's commitment to democracy

Nationwide, as well as in Hesse, the mainstream of society has been demonstrating for freedom, democracy, the rule of law and against intolerance and repression for days. Members of our university also commit themselves to the Basic Law in this way. The presidium of the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen ( THM ) supports these protests.

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Tabea Grebe (from left), Vice President Prof. Dr. Katja Specht, project coordinator Johanna Vogt, Dagmar Hofmann and Sophie Roth are pleased about the “excellence status” for student health management at the THM .

Long periods of reading through books in the library, mornings in laboratories, several lectures in a row - those who decide to study usually have a full-time job. Universities are long-term places of residence for students. It is all the more important that these are designed to promote health. The fact that this is the case at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen ( THM ) is proven by the award of its “Studium 360°” as an “outstanding initiative to promote the health of students” as part of the “Corporate Health Award”.

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Award ceremony with the teams, the jury and the organizers. Photo: Katrina Friese

Teams from the three universities in central Hesse competed for the jury's favor with their business ideas. StartMiUp Capital Contest: Five founding teams receive investors' interests.

Five founding teams from the three universities in Central Hesse were successful in the fourth capital contest of the StartMiUp joint project on January 25, 2024: They received expressions of interest from the jury in the form of investors' interests for their innovative ideas.

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