Are you looking for an examination board?

Every bachelor's and master's programme at THM has an examination board. The examination board is responsible for ensuring that the provisions of the examination regulations are observed. He decides on all matters relating to the examination procedure and has the right to be present at examinations.

In particular, he is responsible for the following tasks (cf. § 15a AB):

  • appointment of examiners and observers;
  • in agreement with the dean's office, setting examination dates and registration deadlines;
  • Approvals for modules and services;
  • Decisions based on the General Provisions for Bachelor and Master examination regulations such as:
    Decision on alternative forms of examination according to § 6 paragraph 6 and 7 of the A(AB);
    Decision on default and withdrawal according to § 11 of the AB;
    Decision on deception, disruption and violation of regulations according to § 11a of the AB;
    Decision on passing or failing examinations according to § 12 of the AB;
    Decision on repetition of performances and crediting of failed attempts according to § 13 of the AB;
    Crediting of modules and achievements as well as the practical phase according to § 14.

The examination board can transfer tasks to the chairperson and, in carrying out its tasks, in particular for the ongoing examination administration, use the responsible employees in the department. The decisions of the examination board are made by the chair or his or her deputy.