Purchasing Department

Welcome to the purchasing department of the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen ! 

We would like to give you a brief insight into our tasks and activities below.

As a subject area, purchasing is part of the budget department and thus one of the "central areas" that report to the vice-president with the function of chancellor. 

Purchasing is responsible for ALL procurement processes that are not expressly assigned to another department.

We are at your disposal for your questions gladly available.

Framework agreements / price agreements 

contract 120For recurring, similar purchases (such as office supplies, office furniture, seminar chairs and gases) there are fixed framework agreements to which THM is bound. There are also various (price) agreements with companies. Both are mapped in the merchandise management system (WPS) of the purchasing department.

THM - employees receive the IntraWiki pages of purchasing more information. 


Procurement law / procurement procedures 

paragraph 120As a public client, the THM is bound by the so-called public procurement law (comprising all regulations/rules on the award of public contracts) and therefore usually awards its contracts, especially in the case of larger sums, by way of procurement procedures.

If you are looking for current THM tenders, you will find them among the Information for companies and external parties find it.

A good overview of the regulations applicable in Hesse can be found on the website Order advice center Hesse eV  or on the intrawiki pages of purchasing. 

Since it is a very complex topic, the purchasing department is happy to advise THM employees on upcoming projects or larger procurement projects.