university council

The task of the University Council is to accompany the university in its development, to articulate the expectations of the university in the professional world and to promote the use of scientific knowledge and artistic achievements. Essential tasks are in §48 HessHG called.

University Council Members

Hans-Heinrich Bernhardt (Chairman)
Member of the board of Volksbank Mittelhessen eG a. D  

Dr. Tina Christmann-Ayles  
Managing Partner Christmann Fahrzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG 

Wolfram Dette 
Mayor of the City of Wetzlar a. D  

Prof. Dr. Matthias Kropp  
University of Pforzheim 

Dr. Antje Mansbrügge  
Board member Innovation Foundation Innovation in university teaching 

Wilfried Pfühl 
CEO a. D  

Dr. Arno Roth  
Chairman of the Schunk Group Management Board (CEO) a. D

Monica Summer 
General Manager IHK Limburg 

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Susanne Staude  
President of the Ruhr-West University of Applied Sciences 

Prof. Prof. hc Dr. Ralph Stengler (Deputy Chairman)
Former President of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences D   

Dr. Kerstin Schulmeyer-Ahl
HMWK (advisory member)