The university has adopted the following management principles:

We, the executives* of the THM , lead the university members according to the following principles:

  1. We contribute to the development and achievement of the strategic goals of THM . To this end, we develop and support concepts for the efficient achievement of goals and their verification.
  2. We lead cooperatively, so that the skills and experience of the university members flow into decision-making processes in an appropriate manner and cooperation and responsible action are promoted.
  3. We make sure that the university members are deployed according to their skills and experience
  4. We are open to suggestions and constructive criticism. We talk about conflicts with those involved at an early stage, take care of conflict management, solution steps and check the success.
  5. We promote the further development of our employees through constructive feedback and discuss further development opportunities.
  6. Within our area of ​​responsibility and with other organizational units, we ensure cooperative cooperation and the exchange of information necessary for the fulfillment of official tasks. We maintain an open and service-oriented approach.
  7. We actively practice forms of appreciation in our area of ​​responsibility and within the university. This means: recognition of performance as well as respect and trusting interaction with one another.
  8. We are committed to diversity at the university and promote integration into a university community in relation to the mission statement of the university. In particular, we consistently implement the legal equality and equal treatment mandate.

As managers, we use suitable further development measures in the sense of self-reflection in order to professionally meet the requirements of our principles.

* Managers within the meaning of these principles are all employees with personnel responsibility and all employees who assume responsibility for others, e.g. project managers, laboratory managers, etc.

coordinated version from 12.05.2016