Measures for the efficient use of energy

The responsible use of energy for ecological reasons is not a new topic for THM . It is important to reduce energy consumption as much as possible through energy-saving measures. As a result of the armed conflict in Ukraine, there has been a shortage of gas, which has created additional pressure to act.

Although the universities have been classified as "protected customers", the gas/heating supply is not completely guaranteed in the event of an acute gas shortage. This affects the THM directly, such as gas heating in Friedberg, or indirectly, such as through district heating in Gießen and in parts of buildings in Gießen or at branch offices that are fired with gas.

 Updated 12/15/22: Press release "On the right track when it comes to saving energy"


The following measures are to be taken:

  • Turn off lights when rooms are not in use. Only switch on hallway and stairwell lighting when necessary.
  • Turn off all electrical devices when not in use. Please avoid standby mode.
  • Use switchable power strips or switchable sockets to safely switch off consumers. Alternatively pull the plug.
  • Dim computer screens/monitors.

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The following measures are to be taken:

  • Set the radiator thermostat to a value between 2 and 3
  • Do not place furniture/objects in front of radiators
  • Shock ventilation instead of permanently tilted windows
  • Close office doors to keep heat in the room
  • If you are going to be away for a long time, set the radiators to frost protection

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