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Get sustainable action holistically on the way.


In its university strategy, the THM has set itself the goal of holistically considering sustainability as a cross-sectional dimension, taking ecological, social and economic aspects into account and in terms of Whole Institution Approach to be permanently anchored in the central performance dimensions of the university - studies & teaching, research, transfer, university operations and governance (good university management).

The THM is based on the 17 goals for sustainable development that were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 and are included in the German and Hessian sustainability strategy. In order to achieve these goals, a social transformation is necessary, in the process of which universities in particular have the potential to play a central role as pioneers and initiators. The THM also wants to live up to this responsibility.

In the current Hessian Higher Education Pact the topic of sustainability is an essential building block. All dimensions of sustainability must play an important role in the actions of every university in view of scientifically proven knowledge about crossing planetary boundaries, which have an important role model function, especially when dealing with their own resources. The THM therefore, like all Hessian universities, has the requirement of an individual contract by the end of the first half of the term of the university pact sustainability strategy to develop. In the next steps, further plans and projects in the form of sustainability modules to strengthen sustainability will be planned and implemented, such as the Green Office, sustainable mobility, sustainable campus, green IT and the further management of the Further project. The central coordination structure is the sustainability management of the THM .

The relevant university areas of the THM should be involved in all activities and students should prepare applied project work as part of their studies with the aim of raising awareness and gaining multipliers within the entire university.

The sustainability projects are supported as part of the HHSP 2021-2025 by the innovation and structural development funding of the Hessian Ministry for Science and Art.