The working group "Quality in Teaching and Studies", AG QLS for short, is a university-wide network for quality development in studies and teaching. The aim of the AG QLS is to initiate initiatives for a constant quality process in the university, which is supported and further developed by many university members.

Current issues are discussed in various action groups, concepts are developed, recommendations are drawn up and pilot projects are started and evaluated. All results are made public throughout the university. They can be adopted for their own areas and, if necessary, further developed into university standards. One result of the work of the AG QLS are the "Principles for good teaching" anchored in the basic regulations.

Currently active action groups are:

  • AI in teaching
  • videos in teaching
  • VR/AR in teaching

The main basis of the AG QLS is its network character. All students and university members can get involved in the network without having to be formally appointed or named. An essential criterion for the cooperation is the motivation to participate actively in the quality development of our university. In the plenary sessions that take place once or twice a semester, all network members meet to inform each other about developments, to take on multiplier functions for their areas, to develop project plans and to decide together on the further development of the working group.

Various action groups are currently dealing with different topics and issues. Profiles of these action groups are available in the AG QLS Moodle course, which is open to all university members.

Interested parties can set up new groups at any time. Active participation in existing action groups is also possible.

The AG QLS is organizationally supported by the coordination group. Questions and contact requests can be sent to the coordination group.