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THM offers the following English modules, exchange programmes, and degree programmes held in English. They are open to German and international students as well as exchange students from our international partner institutions. Round off your academic programme with German language modules.

Information for exchange students

Business Administration B.A. - International Semesters

International Semesters

The exchange programme is open to students from our partner universities who wish to complete one or two semesters at the THM Business School. Exchange students can choose from a range of English-taught modules in the field of business administration. If they have sufficient knowledge of German they will also be welcome to attend our German-taught classes.


In order to join our exchange programme it will be important that:

  • you are enrolled at one of our exchange partner institutions
  • your home university agrees to your study plan
  • you will have completed 90 ECTS at your home university upon arrival
  • you have sufficient knowledge of English to follow lectures, read texts and actively participate in group work (level B2 recommended, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Moreover, you should be prepared to meet other cultures and to improve your German and English language skills.

Please note: Before submitting your application you should first contact the international/study abroad office at your home university to obtain approval for your study abroad period at the THM Business School.


Module List (Modules taught in English)

CODE  Modules  HpW ECTS
421 Foundations of International Management 4 6
422 Core Competencies of International Management 4 6
482 Data Modelling and Data Management 4 6
733 Intercultural Competencies 4 6
724 International Marketing / Marketing Planning 4 6
106 Business English Basics (B1 - B2) 2 2
207 Business English Basics (B2) 2 2

HpW = Hours per Week / ECTS = Creditpoints

We look forward to welcoming you at the THM BusinessSchool in Giessen. Make the most of your studies – enjoy the international spirit at the THM Business School!

Application and Calendar

Academic calendar
 Autumn semesters: mid October - mid February
Spring semesters: mid April - mid July

Application deadlines
Application deadlines when applying directly at THM:
July 1 for autumn semester, December 15 for spring semester.



Heike Siebert
International Exchange Coordinator THM Business School

  • +49 641 309 2719
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Business Information Systems / Computing B.Sc. - International Semesters (offered in the spring semester only)

This exchange programme is offered every spring semester (Feb - Jul). It is open to exchange students from our partner universities enrolled in Computer Science, Business Informatics or related topics like Software Engineering, who wish to complete one semester at THM.

The programme consists of

  • Intercultural Competencies (4 HpW, 6 ECTS, block module, offered by THM Business School)
  • German Language Spring Course (60 H, 3 ECTS, block module)
  • Business Informatics, English taught modules (14 HpW, 23 ECTS, see below)
  • German Language Evening Course (4 HpW, 3 ECTS)

In addition to our English-taught modules you are also welcome to attend our German-taught classes in Business Informatics, provided you have good German language skills (level B1, CERF).

The programme coordinator is


Prof. Dr. Michael Guckert
Coordinator Business Informatics

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Modules  HpW  CrP/ ECTS
Algorithms and Data Structures  4  6
Data Modelling and Data Management 4  6
Software Project  4  6
Project Management 2 5

Logistics Management B.Sc. - International Semesters

The BSc programme in Logistics Management provides a broad range of competencies preparing graduates to work in a wide range of business sectors. The Department of Management and Communication established its current BSc programme in 2011 with a standard study period of seven semesters (210 ECTS). The consecutive MSc degree programme in Supply Chain Management (90 ECTS) began in 2013. Currently, nearly 500 students are enrolled in both programmes. Potential employers are from diverse sectors such as manufacturing and trade, consulting, logistics service providers and IT companies.

Focus & Content

A BSc degree in Logistics Management prepares graduates for responsibilities in the logistical planning, design, control and monitoring of the entire supply chain and the relevant information flow from supplier to customer. This primarily includes optimising the logistics chain using information technology support. With this in mind, the degree programme focuses on logistics, business management and information technology with a special emphasis on practical applications. Besides classes and tutorials, the programme contains integrated components such as case studies, logistics business games, project work, field trips, factory tours and talks given by professionals in industry. In this type of learning environment, students not only receive a sound theoretical understanding of the subject, but also learn practical applications that support the transfer of learning to future work environments. Further, courses provide students with the basis for learning important communication and teamwork skills.

Programme Structure

The BSc Logistics Management degree begins in October each year and comprises a standard period of seven semesters, or three and a half years. The academic year is divided into two semesters: an autumn semester, which runs from October to February and a spring semester from March to July. The majority of compulsory modules are taught in German. In addition, some compulsory courses and several very popular optional modules are offered in English. Furthermore, some courses are often taught by guest lecturers, who normally work as project managers at well-known companies and also by lecturers from partner universities. Students complete an internship abroad at the end of their third year. This allows them to improve their practical skills and foreign language skills as well as gain valuable experience in working in an international business environment.

Modules available for exchange students

Prospective exchange students can choose from a wide range of courses taught in English or German up to 30 Credits (ECTS) per semester. One ECTS credit is equal to 30 hours of student work. 60 ECTS credits are equal to one academic year of study. Logistics modules provide in-depth knowledge, highlight contemporary issues in logistics and the versatility of applications while general business administration and economics modules provide broad basic knowledge. Furthermore, additional foreign language modules are available at different levels for learning German as a foreign language.


Modules in English HpW CrP / ECTS Module Description
Logistics Business Games 4 5 pdf.
Sustainable Procurement and Supplier Management 4 5 pdf.
Retail Management and Logistics 4 5  pdf
Transportation Management (starting in spring 2018) 4 5  
Business English for Logistics Managers (CEFR level B2) 4 5 pdf.
Project Management 2 5 pdf.
International Economics 4 5 pdf.
Organisational Behaviour 4 5 pdf.
Intercultural Communication Competence 4 5 pdf.
Operations Research 4 5 pdf
Research Methods for Business and Management 2 5 pdf.
Modules in German (G) HpW CrP  (ECTS) Module Description
Fundamentals of Transportation Economics 4 5  
Simulation Technology in Logistics 4 5  
Marketing Management 4 5  
Office Application Systems 4 5  
Research Methods for Business and Management 4 5  
Mathematics II 4 5  
German for Business Communication 1 (A1/A2) 4 5  
German for Business Communication 2 (B1) * 4 5  
German for Business Communication 3 (B2) * 4 5  
*modules are coordinated consecutively and thus combinable during one semester


Martin Bálint
International Affairs Coordinator Friedberg Campus

  • +49 (0) 6031 604 5992
  • +49 (0) 6031 604 186
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Information Technology / Systems Engineering - International Semesters (offered in the spring semester only)

This new programme will start in summer semester 2017. It is open to students enrolled in Electrical, Computational or Information Engineering as well as related topics like Mechatronics.

The Modules offered:  HpW  CrP/ ECTS Module Description
Information Technology Basics      
Computer Networks 2 4 5 pdf.
Problem Oriented Programming 4 6 pdf.
Optical Communications (lecture) 4 5 pdf.
Optical communications (lab) 2 2 pdf.
System Engineering      
Applied Digital Signal Processing 4 5 pdf.
Speciality fibers, fiber-optic and sensor applications (lecture) 4 5 pdf.
Speciality fibers, fiber-optic and sensor applications (lab) 2 2 pdf.
Access networks and technologies (lecture) 4 5 pdf.
Access networks and technologies (lab) 2 2 pdf.
Smart Buildings 4 5 pdf.
Soft Skills      
Project Work / Guidance to Scientific Writing (seminar) 6 7 pdf.
Intercultural Competencies 4 6  
Language Course      
Business English 2 2 pdf.

In addition to these modules taught in English, visiting students are also welcome to attend our classes taught in German in above topics, in Electrical Engineering and Technical Informatics. For these good German language skills (level B2, CERF) are required.

Coordinator of the programme is

Sylviane Anton
ICE Coordination Office

  • Campus Friedberg
    Room A4.U1.22
  • +49 6031 604 251
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EIEM European Industrial Experience Mittelhessen


StudiumPlus offers unique and innovative co-operative education programmes in close cooperation with more than 600 partner companies. StudiumPlus students are nominated and employed by companies for their entire degree programme (both Bachelor and Master).

Undergraduate students work full-time in their respective company during semester breaks and for an entire project semester, whereas during lecture periods they follow full-time studies on campus. The practical phases in companies are accredited modules within the degree curricula including a written report on the project completed and often a presentation as well. A university professor and a company supervisor support and accompany students and evaluate their projects.

European Industrial Experience Mittelhessen (EIEM)

EIEM is StudiumPlus' exchange programme. We invite students to gain first-hand work experience at a German company – our partner companies.

The work placements are accredited modules of StudiumPlus and participants will be enrolled as exchange students of StudiumPlus and THM (Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences). Following an intensive German language course, which will also help students settle into life in Germany, participants will work full-time at our partner companies from October to December.

Key Facts

  • Placements for Business Administration / Engineering / Civil Engineering
  • 1 September to 31 December (extension for obligatory placements possible)
  • Salary Oct. – Dec. amounts to a total of € 2,200
  • Intensive German language course in September (the company will cover part of the cost, a fee of € 430 is paid by the student)
  • Enrolment as a full-time exchange student at THM (semester social fee approx. € 220)
  • Work with a team on projects, with the support of a university professor and a company supervisor (Oct.-Dec.)
  • Gain up to 24 ECTS (placement: write a project report and present it 20 ECTS; language course 4 ECTS)
  • Join the Buddy Programme to facilitate intercultural exchange and to obtain support for your start in Germany
  • Enjoy free public transport in the greater Rhine-Main region (RMV)


  • Enrolment as a full-time student at one of THM's partner universities during the EIEM programme
  • German language level A2 or higher
  • English language level B2 or higher
  • Participation in the Gießen International Summer Course (an intensive German language course)


Details and application forms for the upcoming placements will be published on our website:

Application deadline: 31 March

To join the programme you must take the Gießen International Summer Course in September:

  • Costs for you: € 430 (the company will also contribute to the total costs of the course)
  • Accommodation in student halls of residence, rates vary
  • 4 ECTS can be earned


Depending on the location of the company you will be assigned to, you can

  • stay in student halls of residence and travel by local means of transportation
  • receive help from your placement company to find an appropriate accommodation nearby

Cost of Living:

For an estimate please visit the website of the THM International Office or of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)


Cornelia Fritzsch
Coordinator Studium Plus

  • +49 6441 2041 224
  • +49 6441 2041 299
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International Marketing M.A.

The International Master's Degree Programme in International Marketing

This programme aims to attract applicants who have already completed an undergraduate degree in Business Administration or Economics and who wish to obtain an additional qualification in the field of international marketing and sales. Modules in this programme include: strategic management, leadership competence, consumer behaviour and applied market research. A company simulation game with marketing focus and the use of case studies are further programme elements.

Start and Duration

The programme begins in the autumn semester. The regular time of completion for the programme is three semesters.

Application Requirements

The M.A. degree programme follows an undergraduate degree in Business Administration or Economics. The minimum requirement is a three year undergraduate programme and a degree performance of 2.3 or better according to the German evaluation system. Good English language skills and basic German language skills are also required and these must be certified. For questions regarding entry requirements or the application procedure please contact the coordination office.

Studies Abroad 

The regular degree completion period of 3 semesters can be extended. Students can spend one semester abroad, for instance, at one of our partner universities. They take courses in the field of Business Administration and must successfully complete courses totaling 30 ECTS credit points. All modules selected must be a the  have to be at the postgraduate level. During the studies abroad period students learn to socialize with international fellow students in a foreign environment, gain experience with foreign cultures and improve their foreign language skills. The THM Business School is a member of a network of partner-universities in Europe (the UK, Denmark and France) and overseas (the USA and Australia) and will do its best to match the study options with student preferences. Nevertheless, these studies generate additional costs. Foreign students can optionally complete this study requirement in Germany, by either attending master's degree courses or successfully completing an internship.

Study Programme

The table shows the curriculum of the M.A. programme. The numbers indicate the hours per semester, the numbers per week and the credit points per module.

Semester 1

Modules HpW CrP/ECTS
Simulation Game with Marketing 3 3
International Marketing 4 6
Quantitative Analysis 4 6
International Marketing Research 4 6
Leadership & Intercultural Communication 3 3
Cross Cultural Consumer Behaviour 4 6
Total Semester 1 22 30


After one and a half years of successful master's studies in International Marketing students are awarded the Master of Arts (M.A.) degree. This qualifies graduates for multi-faceted occupational fields and positions and for top level careers in the German public sector. In addition it can offer access to a scientific career through a doctorate program offered by many universities in Germany and abroad.


In 2001 this M.A. programme was one of the first German master's degree programmes in Business Administration which successfully passed the official German accreditation procedures newly established in spring 2000. The programme was successfully reaccredited. The program can look back on several years of experience, which add to the quality of the programme through continuous evaluation and modification. This has also been confirmed by the ZEvA accreditation agency in the reaccreditation process:
"The learning outcomes presented, the proven competence of the faculty and its experience in dealing with foreign partner institutions render this concept fully consistent with the needs of the labour market and students.“

For more information and contact please see MAIM Homepage

Rieke Feierabend
Coordination International Marketing

  • Building A13
    Room 1.25
  • +49 641 309 2707
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Information and Communications Engineering M.Sc.

International Master‘s Degree Programme

Information and Communications Engineering deals with the digital processing of data and signals. State-of-the-art I&C technologies curently have a major impact on most business and industrial processes as well as on many services. Integrated in numerous devices, they are also revolutionizing everyday life and global communications. Graduates of our master’s degree programme work in a fast-changing work environment in various sectors of the economy. They plan, design, implement or configure fixed or mobile telecommunications systems, communication networks (e.g. Car-to-Car, Smart Grid), data networks (e.g. for automation), home area networks, internet based systems and products or sensor networks. You can also find our graduates in areas such as IT security, interactive media, software and hardware development as well as system integration to name just a few.

Course description

During the first semester, students extend their knowledge of the fundamental areas of Data Transmission, Optical and Wireless Communications as well as of Advanced Signal Processing. During the second semester, the emphasis is on various network technologies (Internet Protocols, Networks and Applications). A set of optional modules provide students the opportunity to specialize according to their personal career goals. The last semester is devoted to applied research and development work in order to design and implement new engineering solutions and systems. Throughout the entire programme, communication skills, team-working abilities, intercultural competence and methodological training skills are also developed.

Start: annually in October
Duration: 3 semesters
Language: English


Admission Requirements

An undergraduate degree (such as a bachelor‘s degree,  the German "Diplom“ degree or a comparable academic degree) from an accredited university in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Information and Communications Engineering, Information Technology or in related subject areas, with a minimum overall evaluation of “good”.
 Good proficiency in English (e.g. TOEFL 80 iBT).
International applicants also require a basic knowledge of German (level A1, Goethe Institut).

Application deadline:
31 May (if a visa is required)
31 July (for non-visa students)


Degree pursued

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Information and Communications Engineering

Curriculum (Total 90 ECTS Credit Points)

Semester 1

Modules HpW CrP/ECTS
Data Transmission 5 7
Optical Fibre Communications 3 4
Advanced Digital Signal Processing 5 7
Wireless Access Technologies 3 4
Professional Practice & Scientific Methods 4 4
German as a Foreign Language or English as a Foreign Language 4 4
Total Semester 1 24 30
For more information and contact please see ICE Homepage

Sylviane Anton
ICE Coordination Office

  • Campus Friedberg
    Room A4.U1.22
  • +49 6031 604 251
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German Language Modules

Make the most of your stay at THM. Improve your German language skills.

Begin your academic stay at THM with a period of intensive German language learning before lectures begin (spring course, summer course). During lecture period students participate in German courses held two evenings a week. Whether you start as a beginner or have some knowledge of German that you wish to reactivate and improve, a placement test will help us find the course that fits your level. THM is in long standing cooperation with Justus Liebig University in Gießen when it comes to German language courses. The following courses are open to our exchange students. Credit points are awarded within the ECTS framework.

Even if you choose to take English taught modules at THM, it is always a good idea to learn the language of your host country. It is the best moment in your life for learning this language and at the same time a gesture of good will towards the people around you. It will also facilitate your daily life, regardless whether it is for buying a cinema ticket or doing your shopping at the farmer’s market.

German language Intensive Spring Course in Giessen 60H 3 ECTS
For all students beginning their period of study in the spring semester, there is a three-week intensive German course in March/April (2016: 29 February - 22 March). Exchange students (ERASMUS etc.) only pay a reduced fee of € 150. The deadline for registration is 15 Jan 2016 for the course held 29 Feb – 22 March 2016). More details: Spring Course.
German Language International Summer Course (HSK) in Giessen 100H 4 ECTS
The International Summer Course is held in September before the autumn semester starts (2015: 27 August - 25 September). It offers four weeks of instruction in German as a foreign language, focusing on basic grammar, text production, communicative skills and cultural background. THM provides a partial-tuition scholarship to exchange students, which leads to a reduced fee of €430 for four weeks of intensive German language learning. The deadline for registration is 15 July 2016. More information: Language Course.
German Language Evening Course in Giessen  4HpW 3 ECTS
Evening classes for exchange students, doctoral students, visiting researchers or teachers run from October to February and from April to July (i.e. during the semester) in the evenings – as a rule, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:15 – 7:45 p.m. (each class lasting 90 minutes, or what is called a 'Doppelstunde' (double hour) in German. These courses are free of charge. More information: Evening classes.