International Marketing

  • StudienmodellMaster
  • StudienbeginnWintersemester
  • Regelstudienzeit3 Semester
  • ZulassungsmodusBesondere Bedingungen
  • StudienortGießen
  • Kosten/BesonderheitenSemesterbeitrag

This degree course aims to attract applicants who have already completed an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and who wish to obtain additional qualifications in the field of international marketing and sales. Modules in the course include: strategic management, leadership competence, consumer behaviour and applied market research. A marketing- oriented simulation game and the use of case studies are also part of the course. The course provides students with specific knowledge about selected international marketing management topics and various research methodologies. Offering modules with a strong practical approach prepares our students to meet to the challenges of the global marketplace.

About the Course


Our students typically study in Giessen the first year. Here they gain the theoretical and practical foundations for their master's degree through lectures, case studies and project work.

Students with a bachelor's degree having at least 210 ECTS can complete their postgraduate course in the third semester with the master's thesis.

Students with fewer ECTS in their Business Administration degree must earn an additional 30 ECTS by studying abroad, completing an internship, or taking additional modules in Germany.

The THM Business School is a member of a network of partner universities in Europe (UK, Denmark, France) and overseas (USA, Australia) and will do its best to match the available study options with student preferences.

Course modules

The table below provides an overview of the modules for the postgraduate course. The numbers in the middle column refer to the number of hours per week for each lecture while the column on the right contains the number of credit points received for the module.


Simulation Game 3 3
International Marketing 4 6
Quantitative Analysis 4 6
International Marketing Research 4 6
Leadership & Intercultural Communication 3 3
Cross Cultural Consumer Behaviour 4 6
SEMESTER 1 - Total 22 30

Student Projects

On this page we present a changing selection of student projects.

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Career options

After graduation you will have numerous job opportunities in a wide variety of organizations, such as large multinational companies, as well as small and medium size enterprises with an international business scope. Moreover, you will be qualified for careers in consulting firms, advertising and media agencies and in research companies or institutions. Our graduates work in diverse occupations, the most popular being e-commerce and digital marketing, product and brand management, sales, marketing strategy and business development. Furthermore, the master's degree can offer access to an academic career through a doctorate programme.


Key facts

Degree On successful completion of the International Marketing postgraduate course students are awarded the Master of Arts (M. A.) degree.
Duration The regular period of completion is one and a half years (3 semesters). Students with a bachelor's degree of less than three and a half years (7 semesters) will have to obtain an additional 30 ECTS (e.g. by studying one semester abroad or completing an internship) and will thus have to study an additional semester.
Accredited to 31 August 2020 by the ZEvA Hannover
Attendance Full-time course, following the undergraduate degree
Language of instruction English
Campus Giessen
Fees per semester 277,00 Euro (for spring semester 2018 ) (in addition to fees for study abroad semester where applicable)