Accessible fitness for EVERYONE
We have tried to optimize workouts in the Fitness Centre so that exercising is accessible to as many people as possible.

  • Students and staff having a disabled identification card can work out in the Fitness Centre free of charge. An accompanying person can also work out for free
  • Instructors have name tags with symbols for the foreign languages they speak
  • Instructors have had training in working with many different kinds of people.
  • Dressing rooms can be locked and can be used by all genders
  • "Ladies Night“ will remain part of our programme; it offers women the opportunity to work out undisturbed among themselves
  • For people with special needs (with a focus on vision impairment), a manual for the Fitness Centre is available.

The building that the Fitness Centre is in is readily accessible for handicapped individuals.

When you exit the main building, follow the guidance system to the left. In approx. 50 metres (before the intersection called "Platz der Deutschen Einheit“), you will find the entrance to Building A13 on the left. There is a stairway on the left and a lift on the right. The stairway winds to the right. The Fitness Centre is on the third floor. The entire workout area is very bright because of the windows all around the room.

Workouts in the Fitness Centre are free of charge for persons with disabled identification cards. All you have to do is show your identification card. One accompanying person is also allowed to work out free of charge, but only when the person with the disabled identification card is present.

The Fitness Centre does its best to provide workouts for all members. That's why we would like to ask ANYONE having any kind of limitations or other problems to come to us. Together we can find an adequate solution to make a workout possible. We are also open to suggestions for improving our facilities so that workouts can be accessible to as many people as possible.