Studium 360° - Healthy and successful all around

The health initiative for all THM students

What is the best way to study at THM? What do students need to graduate without any stress? Together with THM students "Studium 360°" is looking for answers to these questions.

Studying a degree is a very demanding undertaking. Whether it is popular lectures, intensive studying times, numerous project reports or laborious final exam periods, students are expected to devote their full concentration. Good conditions for studying help students to finish their degrees. THM wants to support this more. The purpose of the Studium 360° project is to improve conditions on the THM campuses to promote the health and well-being of the students.

Studium 360° is a long-term joint project between the insurance provider "Techniker Krankenkasse" and THM. By 2021 relevant ideas and measures are to be developed and implemented. Although not finalized, this may include lecture room seating that is more ergonomic, quiet areas on the campus or an extension of lunchtime catering.

In the 2019 spring semester student surveys were conducted in two trial areas (the Engineering Management Department and the Department of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Computer Science), and the initial results will be available in the 2019-20 autumn semester.  In subsequent feedback discussions, students will be asked to talk about the results and discuss particular measures and offerings.


Would you like to take part?

The Studium 360° project team is looking for students who would like to support the project either short-term or long-term. Just email the project coordinator, Johanna Vogt, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Pilot Project "TH Mental" as an Inspiration for Studium 360°

Already in the previous project, called TH Mental – strong in your degree, innovative health measures for THM students were developed. Here the focus was mainly on exercise, relaxation, time management and diet. However, experience shows that studying conditions are crucial. That's why Studium 360° is taking a panorama view of conditions at THM.

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Studium 360 - Lenkungsausschuss-Sitzung
Studium 360 - Lenkungsausschuss
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