Master of Business Administration

The MBA has become the international standard for postgraduate business education. It is a generalist's degree intended for those who now wish to widen their managerial knowledge and skills. The philosophy underlying our euro-american MBA program is to enable our students to deal with the many facets of management, whether they concern finance and investment, technology, innovation or industry specific issues. The course aims to develop skills in critical thinking, research and analysis through seminars that focus on individual and team based work alike.

This MBA school program in the Frankfurt area offers the following unique benefits:

  • Involves innovative and flexible approaches to learning and teaching
  • Integrated across functions and disciplines
  • Is application focused and reflective of practice
  • Links theory and applications
  • Is set in a continuous learning environment compared to non degreed programs

The Giessen Master of Business Administration, is able to draw all these elements together to deliver a superior postgraduate program designed to provide the maximum benefit for program participants and alumni. The program received accreditation by ZEvA and has earned a sound ranking among the programs in Gemany.
The teaching is at the THM Friedberg Campus (A8, room 1.06a), +49(0)179 428 80 79

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