Research Projects with Bosch Home Comfort Group, Volksbank Mittelhessen and Dittmeier Versicherungsmakler

Students from the Master in Digital and International Marketing program successfully completed field research projects in collaboration with the Business Partners of THM Business School. Six student research teams collaborated with three Business Partners under the guidance of Prof. Stefanie Wannow, Prof. Juliane Staubach, Prof. Jan Freidank, and Dr. Martin Haupt. Four additional groups worked on an important research field. A variety of research methods, including surveys, focus groups, and experiments, were utilized to investigate consumer behavior across different business contexts and applications.

Volksbank Mittelhessen sought to understand customer preferences for various online banking channels and to update messages for different banking products to ensure a smooth and seamless customer experience. Additionally, a second group examined young customers' acceptance of gamification elements in online marketing.

Bosch Home Comfort Group undertook qualitative and quantitative research to evaluate the satisfaction and potential for improvement at the office location of their headquarters in Wetzlar. This included a company-wide survey of all employees at the location and several focus groups to gather direct feedback about the location. The teams shared their findings with more than 100 employees in a hybrid meeting at the semester's end.

Furthermore, two teams conducted online surveys for Dittmeier Versicherungsmakler GmbH, a leading insurance broker for the German transport industry, to explore future trends, challenges, and risks that transport companies are likely to face both internally and externally, and the role of insurance in these scenarios. Special attention was given to the digital tools transport companies employ to optimize their business processes.

Additionally, four teams carried out experiments related to social media apologies, an important research area in social media marketing and strategy, and a focus of research for Stefanie Wannow and Juliane Staubach.

The teams demonstrated remarkable effort, and despite the heavy workload, there was strong commitment, as these projects provided an ideal opportunity to integrate classroom learning with practical fieldwork. All partners were impressed with the high quality of work produced by the teams.

Author: Jan Freidank
Photos: Jan Freidank